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Protect your TV Screen

Custom made Plexiglas shields made to your size specifications.

This product will be made locally!

This product will give your LCD or Plasma screen a fighting chance of surviving an impact contact by almost any object. I HIGHLY recommend them. No matter where you get it!

NEVER, NEVER, EVER!!!, pick up your TV with thumbs or any fingers on the screen!

17" - 22" Screen  -----  $50.00

up to 32"  ----------------  $69.00

up to 47"  ----------------  $79.00

up to 55"  ----------------  $99.00

up to 65"  --------------  $129.00

over 65"   ---------------  Special price determination                                             CALL

All prices, not including shipping if necessary. Local pick up is available. Local Delivery charges also apply if requested.

You will need to measure your screen area and the edges of your unit that surround the screen.

This area still under construction. Contact us for questions.